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Who we are

At A4E we believe that adding value to your data is easy and harnessing computing resources to boost your business should be a couple clicks away. We are intricately familiar with the science of analytics and over years of experience we've realized that providing affordable, easy to understand and use analytical solutions is not only possible but the future of this industry.

From coffee shops, through restaurants to wholesalers, our vertical-tailored and highly customizable analytical apps grow by the day - both in quality and diversity. Our on-demand analytical framework guarantees flexible and affordable pricing models, easy and hassle-free usage and constant improvement of the service. Try your solution for free and see your business grow. If you have questions about how A4E can help your business, or have the ideas but lack the skillset to implement them, write us at


A4E successfully closed the second round of financing in January 2020 from our current investors.


Is a private equity fund specialized in expansion capital stages, covering both high-technology and low-technology industries


Is an accelerator and venture capital fund for early-stage investments. It provides mentorship, support through its partners, and the critical first round of investment. With EUR 12 million of funding provided by the European Investment Fund (EIF) through the JEREMIE Program Eleven is one of the biggest early stage investors in CEE. We are building a vibrant new community – a fast-growing ecosystem of entrepreneurs who come together to change the world. Our 150+ mentors and partners bring practical, global experience, counsel and connections to the 50+ companies we accelerate each year.

The Team

Our team has 75+ years cumulative experience in data analytics alone. We believe that data analytics is for everyone and that’s why we do our best in creating simple, effective and comprehensive analytics solutions that empower businesses to improve their performance. Last but not least, we believe that such services should be affordable in order to help everyone – from the small local coffee shop through the huge wholesalers and retailers. Because analytics is for everyone.

Hristo Hadjitchonev

CEO & Co-founder

Data analytics experience:15 years

Professional experience:25 years plus

Degree:M.Sc. in Analytical modeling of economic systems

Competencies:Leadership, Strategy, Partnerships, Project Management, Data Analytics, Data Mining, Business Intelligence, SaaS, Financial Systems Modelling, Datawarehousing, Agile

Participation in projects for:Apple, HP, Anglo American, KONE, Experian

Alexander Efremov

Chief Scientist & Co-founder

Data analytics experience:17 years

Professional experience:17 years

Degree:Ph.D., Eng., Associate Professor at TU Sofia

Competencies:Analytics, Data mining, Text mining, Machine learning, Automated workflows, Modeling, Linear and non-linear optimization, Numerical methods, Kalman filtering, Control systems

Participation in projects for:Gallus Consulting, RaySat, TU Sofia, Retail Analytics, Experian, Data Science Society

Nikolay Nikolov

Chief Operations & Co-founder

Data analytics experience:8 years

Professional experience:15 years

Degree:B.Sc. Information Systems and Management, University of London

Competencies:Data Analytics, Data Mining, Business Intelligence, SaaS, Parallel Computations, Agile, DevOps, Docker, Clouds, Bash, Java, SQL, Raspberry Pi

Participation in projects for:UnionBank, International Insurance, Nemetschek, Audi, Experian

Dimitar Atanasov

Chief Architect & Co-founder

Data analytics experience:8 years

Professional experience:13 years

Degree:M.Sc. in Computer Science from TU Sofia

Competencies:Data Analytics, Big Data Processing, Data Mining, Business Intelligence, SaaS, Parallel Computations, DevOps, Agile

Participation in projects for:Experian, Unicoders

Todor Kisov

CTO & Co-founder

Data analytics experience:8 years

Professional experience:20 years

Degree:M.Sc. in Analytical modeling of economic systems from TU Sofia

Competencies:Data Analytics, Data Mining, Business Intelligence, SaaS, Parallel Computations, Financial Systems, System Architecture, Business Analysis, User Experience, WEB Development, Data Storage, Datawarehousing, Financial Systems Modelling, Agile

Participation in projects for:Air Traffic Service Authority Bulgaria, Bulgarian National Bank, Rila Solutions, JobTiger, Experian

Branimir Nikolov

Marketing & Communications

Professional experience:15 years

Degree:M.A. in Journalism and Public Communications

Competencies:Online Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media, Event Management, Brand Development, Strategic Communications

Participation in projects for:Sharp, HTC, Lenovo, WD, Saxo Bank

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