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For Providers

If you are a mathematician, statistician, data scientist, BI specialist or just know how to make money from data, A4E is the right place for you. We offer you the platform that will allow you to reach your clients, develop solutions for them and earn money for your skills. It is easy to build your app using A4E tools and enrich it with our growing range of free services (weather data, major sports events, etc.). You may choose to additionally provide support (free, paid or trial) to increase the likeliness of businesses to buys your solution. Contact us or email us at to find out how you can start using A4E marketplace to sell your creativity.

For Integrators

We offer fruitful partnerships with 3rd party Data Integrators - companies that aggregate their clients' data and provide them with ERP, CRM and BI solutions. Solving problems like sales forecasting, price and cost optimization, etc. will give your clients that invaluable insight on their data that may be key to their success. For you, offering this exquisite service at reasonable price means differentiating from your competition and setting new standards. Even better: your portfolio grows as A4E marketplace grows, so you are guaranteed to stay on top of innovations and latest trends in data science. Contact us or email us at to find out how you can start using A4E marketplace to enhance your portfolio of data services.

We build affordable, advanced, analytical solutions that improve business efficiency.

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