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is helping restaurants management teams in terms of sales forecasting and demand prediction. It is a tool turning historical sales data into performance projections. A4Restaurants sales projections are much more advanced than simple statistic approach output thanks to an advanced data analytics algorithm powered by cloud computation.

Future Sales Forecast

Forecast your future sales to improve your restaurant profitability. We know how hard restaurant management is! We also know that projecting future demand and forecasting future sales is a demanding task for restaurant managers. That is why we created solution, that makes it way easier and less time consuming. Imagine that you know that the day after tomorrow you`ll serve 17% less white wine but you`ll have to face unexpected growth as of 31% in red wines.

High Accuracy Forecast

Accuracy often exceeding 95% is crucial for a tool built for restaurants` managers to rely on. A4Restaurants app examines the impact of different factors like weather, holidays, vacation seasons, trends, other products performance, etc. to overall sales and project them successfully.

Weather Sensitive Algorithm

Restaurant` sales are always affected by the weather and you can take advantage of this. Sudden temperatures drop combined with drizzle for instance will lead to dramatic change in customer demand.

But it is way more complicated than this. For instance, 3oC temperature increase during the summer will impact differently a restaurant` sales if this happen in the spring season. If the temperatures suddenly drop below 15oC, fish-based meals would likely to be sold less but the hot soups might be the best lunch sellers. That’s why A4E sales forecasting tool is weather sensitive and projects accurately how exactly the weather will affect your future sales.

Holidays Evaluation

Holiday season has different impact on restaurants based on many factors. A4Restaurants` sales forecast app dig deep in to historic sales data in order to find such dependencies and to project them properly for every specific business location. For instance, restaurant at the heart of a city will perform worse during the holidays but it will be fully loaded if it is located in a resort.

API Access

Our API access is ready for integration with the software in your restaurant system. This means that your data can be automatically, securely and cheaply sent to our computational facilities, then processed and delivered back to you on a regular basis! What's even more exciting, our API can automatically prepare your order bill for the next day, making it a one-click effort to verify and send for purchase. Your manager will save a ton of precious time and will be able to focus on what's important - keeping your clients happy.

The Benefits for Your Restaurant

  • Save time

    Experienced restaurant manager will easily project lot of factors in order to get his planning properly done. But it takes time, which A4Restaurant saves with just a few clicks.

  • Reduce wastage

    By knowing how much and what exactly you are going to sell tomorrow, the day after or at the upcoming week or month, you will be able to fill your inventory with proper amount of stocks that will be enough for your customers demand.

  • Trends detection

    Consumer's taste is rarely changing overnight. With data analytics you will know not just which are best sellers but also the patterns behind goods with growing demand. This way you will be able to address and extract better profit by being prepare for the newest trend.

  • Inventory optimization

    Having huge amount of stock ties in a lot of capital. By knowing your future sales you'll be able to load your inventory space with proper amount of goods and to save both from purchasing/procuring and from the inventory space.

  • Personnel optimization

    Planning and managing shifts of different staff roles regarding the existing workforce is crucial for keeping optimal service level. The staff members should be allocated on the right departments at the right time. A4E sales forecast is able to project the client visits on hourly basis.

  • Great pricing

    Data analytics is pretty expensive solution. At A4E we did our best to make it affordable to anyone. From small coffee shops to huge wholesalers with millions of annual turnover.

How to Use It in 3 Easy Steps


Export your historical data in .csv file with following 3 columns: Product ID or Product Name, Date of sale, Volume of sale


Upload your CSV file at the app right here »

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You'll receive an email with your sales forecast

See sample forecast »

Why Rely on Data Analytics for Your Restaurant?

Extract benefits through data analytics

Any business has a room for process optimization and nothing gives more valuable insights than data analytics. Early trends detection, improved purchasing and better staff planning means excellent service. This is crucial for a restaurant loved by its clients.

Increase your restaurant profits

Running a business like restaurant is meaning a lot for the local community. From serving a nice lunch and cozy family dinners to engaging weekend brunches, restaurant is part of the blood system of the neighborhood. It require a lot of work which should be backed with reasonable profits.

Forecasting future sales for your restaurant means better planning and optimized performance. Reduce wastage, eliminate products going bad and schedule smartly existing staff. Measuring and proper projecting means improved efficiency resulting in improved profits.

A4E sales forecasting apps is giving you scientifically backed glimpse in the tomorrow`s restaurant performance. It makes this fast, easy and with just few clicks with the mouse.

Keep your clients happy

Proper planning relies on proper forecasting. This means you are prepared for tomorrow`s challenges. And you`ll be able to keep your clients happy as always because they will never face a shortage of the desired menu offering.

Analytics makes any business more effective

Knowing how much you are likely to sell allows you to better manage your inventory, minimize your waste and increase your ROI by purchasing the right inventory in the right quantity and at the right time. As a bonus, you will keep your clients happier by never running out of those goods they want to buy most. At A4E we think like you: keeping your clients happy keeps the business running.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Why A4Everyone

At A4Everyone we believe that adding value to your data may be the breaking change that will boost your business. We are intricately familiar to the science of analytics and over years of experience we've realized that providing affordable, easy to understand and use analytical solutions, is one of the keys to improving any business efficiency. We made it so simple that harnessing computing resources is just few clicks away.