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is delivering fast and hassle-free sales forecasts and demand predictions solution. It is a web-based tool generating performance projections based on a historical string of sales data. The app is powered by tailor-made data analytics algorithm outperforming simple statistic approach.

Future Sales Forecast

Data analytics not just predicts possible future sales but gives you an opportunity to sneak a peek into currently forming and still invisible trends. Proper sales forecasting helps you to plan and allocate resources as stock, inventory, workforce, promotions, workforce, etc. A4Furniture gives you this fast and easy with just a few clicks.

High Accuracy Forecast

95% of forecast accuracy is often exceeded by the A4E sales forecast applications. This level of accuracy is achieved by cloud computation utilizing complex mathematical models. The app utilizes historical data to identify how sales of a product are impacted by sales of other products, weather, trends, bank holidays, etc.

Weather Sensitive Algorithm

While weather doesn’t have the impact on furniture sales as it has on FMCG retail, it affects client traffic and demand. For instance, if there is a snow storm coming ahead it will result in decreased clients traffic which naturally leads to slowing sales. If the coming up spring season is going to be warm and nice, this will result in increased demand for garden furniture. That’s why A4E sales forecasting tool is weather sensitive and projects accurately the weather impact to the future furniture sales.

Holidays Evaluation

The data analytics algorithm takes in to account bank holidays, students’ vacations, kindergartens` breaks, and major religious holidays.

There are holidays which naturally leads to less or more customer traffic at the store. They have different impact on actual sales at the days after and A4Furniture is able to project those variables.

Marketing Campaigns Impact

If currently, a marketing campaign is running, A4Furniture app will show its impact on the sales forecast. For instance, a campaign focused on grills will affect not just grills` sales but also all of the products related to them. The app is able to project the overall performance of planned marketing campaign.

API Access

At A4E we believe that software should work for you, not the opposite. Therefore our API allows seamless integration with your ERP/POS/CRM systems and BI solutions. This allows us to deliver our forecasts to where they are needed - in your warehouse and supply systems - avoiding menial and error-prone human interaction.

The Benefits for Your Furniture Store

  • Save time

    Every successful furniture store manager knows his business extremely well but A4Everyone apps save a huge amount of time when it goes to planning.

  • Improved cash flow management

    Some products always perform better than others and it is inevitable. A4Furniture is an invaluable assistant in planning in order to prevent overstock which naturally locks cash.

  • Inventory optimization

    Retailing furniture is specific business requiring a lot of storage space. Manage better your inventory by knowing how much you are going to sell.

  • Better promotions

    Identifying products that are commonly bought together allows the creation of attractive bundles and promotions that reflect its customers’ needs and preferences.

  • Personnel optimization

    The workforce should be allocated at the right departments at the right time. A4Everyone sales forecast projects the client visits on an hourly basis and helps to plan better.

  • Trends detection

    You may take advantage of just forming trends. It would be great if you are the first to know that clients are starting to favor beige bedroom accessories? With A4Everyone you`ll be aware not just of the overall trends for your business but also changes in customer preferences.

  • Increased ROI

    Past performance measuring and examination is crucial for processes optimization, hence improved business performance.

  • Great pricing

    The ingenious algorithms and innovative approach of solving analytical tasks allow A4Everyone to offer you the best prices in the field of data analytics solutions. Analytics for Everyone means the most affordable analytics solutions for everyone.

How to Use It in 3 Easy Steps


Export your historical data in .csv file with following 3 columns: Product ID or Product Name, Date of sale, Volume of sale


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You'll receive an email with your sales forecast

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Why Rely on Data Analytics for Your Furniture Store?

Sales projections for furniture stores

Do your clients get disappointed for not finding what they are looking for because you ran out of stock? Use better sales forecasting to load your storage with the right amounts of your products.

Forecasting your business means efficiency

You put the table under the food. Every day excited young couples visit your store and eagerly choose how their house will change. There is this scent of joy in there, of people starting anew, just married couples or just someone refreshing their interior - all of them browsing eagerly your stock, hoping to find the perfect piece of furniture to spend the next years with. You'd want to satisfy all of them and keep the smile on their face as they are leaving your store with their new buys. Behind the curtain, however, things aren't that easy. Furniture takes a lot of precious storage space and ordering too much of something might cut you out of space for ordering something else. On the other hand, ordering and storing too little may result in it getting sold too quickly. This will disappoint some of those happy couples that came looking for it in your store and reduce your profit, as they will go to buy it from the competition. Your business needs to know how much of each product it will sell in the future, so that you load your storage with more of the well-selling goods and less of those that tend to stay longer.

Get customer trends and optimize your business with A4E

Our solution for Furniture stores offers just that: Applying the right math to your historical data will allow you to peek into the future and forecast the quantities you are likely to sell in your forthcoming period. Knowing how much you are likely to sell allows you to better manage your inventory, minimize your waste and increase your ROI by purchasing the right items in the right quantity and at the right time. As a bonus, you will keep your clients happier by never running out of those goods they want to buy most. At A4E we think like you: keeping your clients happy keeps the business running.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Why A4Everyone

At A4Everyone we believe that adding value to your data may be the breaking change that will boost your business. We are intricately familiar to the science of analytics and over years of experience we've realized that providing affordable, easy to understand and use analytical solutions, is one of the keys to improving any business efficiency. We made it so simple that harnessing computing resources is just few clicks away.