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Why A4E needs data?

All the services we offer with our applications rely on data. Our knowhow is how to make the hidden knowledge of that data to serve in your decision making process to make your business more successful.

Why A4E needs my data?

Every business is unique and the fingerprint is its data. Our models rely on that data to provide you with your own custom analysis and not just something too general. Your data can’t be used to model someone else’s business and vice-versa.

May I trust A4E’s integrity to operate with my data?

A4E is founded from individuals that are into Data and Analytics business for decades. We recognize that sharing data with service provider is an act of trust. Integrity is one of our core values and we follow highest possible technological and process security and privacy standards to ensure your data stays yours and it will not be shared, breached or misused anyhow. For more details please refer to our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.

How A4E ensures that my data is safe?

We rely solely on numbers to do the analysis. If you like, you can anonymize the rest of the data yourself. For example you can replace your entities’ names with unique numbers or some kind of codes known only by you. There are also other options you to anonymize your data and we gladly will assist you with that. Just contact us on with your request.

Where is my data kept?

A4E relies on global cloud providers to host all our services. Currently we keep your data for only a very short period. The moment you finish exploring your reports, your data is erased. We are considering a solution that will enable you to retain your data on our servers at additional charge. This would make it faster and more convenient for you to use our subscription-based solutions. If you have interest into that direction please contact us on with your request.

How do you ensure the privacy of access to my reports?

If you are using one of our free services, you have access to your report via temporary URL accessible only via secure connection generated uniquely and sent only to you. You might delete that access point at any moment once you downloaded the report. If you are a subscribed user, you have access to your reports via your own account page.

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