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is able to forecast future sales and customer demand. The application excels statistical approach by using complex data analytics algorithms.

Future Sales Forecast

For any retailer it would be waste of a precious resources to overstock the storage or not to have enough amounts of particular products. Sales forecasting enables clever resource management helping retailers not just with their storage but also with planning budgets and costs, workforce, promotion activities, etc.

High Accuracy Forecast

High sales forecast accuracy is crucial and A4E` applications often exceed 95%. Such accuracy level is achieved via mathematical modelling utilized in cloud computing. The powerful engine behind the sales forecasting apps is able to determine the impact of particular product sales created by the sales of other product or product groups. A4RetailStores also project the impact of the weather, consumer trends, holidays, etc. to its sales forecasts.

Weather Sensitive Algorithm

Retail business is affected by weather. A4E` sales forecasting app rely not just on measurable indicators as temperatures, humidity, windiness, cloudiness but also the speed of their change. For instance, warmer end of spring means better than average sales for bathing shorts.

Holidays Evaluation

Not matter of the type of the holiday - bank holidays, vacations, and major religious celebrations, a4RetailStores is able to calculate their impact on future sales. For instance, there are holidays which naturally leads to more customer traffic at the store which is accordingly impacting the sales performance.

Marketing Campaigns Impact

If currently, a marketing campaign is running, A4RetailStores app will show its impact on the sales forecast. For instance, a campaign focused on grills will affect not just grills` sales but also all of the products related to them. The app is able to project the overall performance of planned marketing campaign.

API Access

At A4E we believe that software should work for you, not the opposite. Therefore our API allows seamless integration with your ERP/POS/CRM systems and BI solutions. This allows us to deliver our forecasts to where they are needed - in your warehouse and supply systems - avoiding menial and error-prone human interaction.

The Benefits for Retail Stores

  • Save time

    By having accurate sales forecast, planning is way faster and easier.

  • Improved cash flow management

    Locking cash in overstock is far from the optimal resource management.

  • Inventory optimization

    If the storage space is limited, allocating proper amount and type of stock in your inventory is crucial.

  • Better promotions

    Creating attractive bundles is effective promotions approach, especially if you identify your customers buying patterns.

  • Personnel optimization

    Retail stores doesn’t need same amount of workforce all day long. The staff should be allocated on the right departments at the right time. A4E sales forecast projects the client visits on hourly basis.

  • Trends detection

    With A4E you`ll be aware not just of the overall trends for your business but also changes in customer preferences.

  • Increased ROI

    Better knowing the behavior of your customers is crucial for processes optimization, hence improved business performance

  • Great pricing

    The ingenious algorithms and innovative approach of solving analytical tasks allow A4E to offer you the best prices in the field of data analytics solutions. Analytics for Everyone means the most affordable analytics solutions for everyone.

How to Use It in 3 Easy Steps


Export your historical data in .csv file with following 3 columns: Product ID or Product Name, Date of sale, Volume of sale


Upload your CSV file at the app right here »

Download sample CSV file »


You'll receive an email with your sales forecast

See sample forecast »

Why Rely on Data Analytics for Your Retail Location?

Sales trends and predictions are crucial for retailers

Minimize your storage and keep only goods that you will sell this month. Keep your clients satisfied and save costs by purchasing smarter. Know your trending goods to craft smarter marketing campaigns.

Increase your retail business profits with historical data analytics

Your business is the lifeblood of the neighbourhood. From food to detergent and from kitchenware to socks - you sell it all. All these goods, however, take space in your storage - a precious limited space that costs you money. Some of your goods have quite a short life too and if you don't sell them quickly enough, it's money gone to waste. Loading your store is a tedious act of balancing and decision making, prone to human bias and inefficiency.

Improve inventory management, minimize waste and keep your clients happy

Allow us to transform this act of balancing into an act of science. Our solution for retail stores and chains makes your daily struggle a bit easier and less risky. Applying the right math to your historical data will allow you to peek into the future and forecast the quantities you are likely to sell in your forthcoming period. Knowing how much you are likely to sell allows you to better manage your inventory, minimize your waste and increase your ROI by purchasing the right items in the right quantity and at the right time. As a bonus, you will keep your clients happier by never running out of those goods they want to buy most. At A4E we think like you: keeping your clients happy keeps the business running.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Why A4Everyone

At A4Everyone we believe that adding value to your data may be the breaking change that will boost your business. We are intricately familiar to the science of analytics and over years of experience we've realized that providing affordable, easy to understand and use analytical solutions, is one of the keys to improving any business efficiency. We made it so simple that harnessing computing resources is just few clicks away.