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is a tool based on the Boston matrix capable of improving the efficiency and profitability of restaurant businesses. This is achieved by clear performance distinction between different menu offerings ranked by their profitability and popularity. This way, a restaurant manager is always effortlessly aware precisely, on which menu offerings to focus their attention, be it to popularize them, amend their price or take them out, and by doing so to boost their revenue.

What is menu engineering?

Menu engineering is a process aiming to help food service professionals to track variables, that influence a menu's profitability. It is based on the initial idea of Bruce D. Henderson who created a diagram for the Boston Consulting Group to help corporations to analyze their business units. His creation is also known as Boston matrix or Growth-Share matrix. In a bigger scale, the Boston matrix is used as an analytical tool in product management, strategic planning, and portfolio analysis.

Why you need it?

Because it is an instrument helping restaurant managers to boost profitability up to 15%! Gregg Rapp, a menu engineering expert says that such improvement can be easily extracted but with fine tuning of the process, up to 10% more profitability can be added. On top of this, the gained insights are applicable to all type of menus: from traditional food menu listings, menu boards, wine lists, etc. With a4MenuEngineering, a restaurant manager will get analytical insights on how the products are performing and a clear view of which of them form the backbone of the business and which just fill in space and should be removed or replaced.

Analytical insights for restaurants

If you need a smart and easy to use tool that transforms restaurants` historic sales data into valuable insights you should try out a4MenuEngineering. Fueled with the right amount of data, this analytical tool is capable of delivering crystal clear view of a menu performance by emphasizing the profit carriers, sales hits, underperformers, and where a growth potential is hidden. This way, a restaurant manager can easily distinguish on which menu items require focused work and in what direction should that work be. Last but not least, the analytical application is capable of determining which menu offerings are under or overpriced.

How it works?

An analytical algorithm developed by A4E and based on the Boston Matrix powers A4MenuEngineering. The app is designed to extract and visualize the maximum amount of valuable information from historic restaurants sales data to create a ground for informed business decisions resulting in enhanced efficiency and overall growth. A4MenuEngineering should be fueled with the data of a particular restaurant location, enriched with profitability values per product.

Menu item to menu item comparison

Based on the sales volume and the profit generated by every product, they might be placed in four categories:

  • Stars – high popularity and high profit margin
  • Horses – high popularity and low profit margin
  • Puzzles – low popularity and high profit margin
  • Dogs – low popularity and low profit margin

    • Clearly, every restaurant manager needs more stars and fewer dogs. A4MenuEngineering makes such determination fast and hassle free.

      Fast, simple and valuable results

      A4E`s application allocates every product in the abovementioned categories. The process is fast and simple and requires no user action, other than providing the initial data in a proper format. This way it creates efficiency point of view to the menu listings and shows which menu items should be highlighted and which one should be discontinued or replaced.

      Actionable decisions that boost restaurants earnings

      The application output is actionable business insight, tailor made for the specific menu on a specific market/location.

      API Access

      At A4E we believe that software should work for you, not the opposite. Therefore our API allows seamless integration with your ERP/POS/CRM systems and BI solutions. This allows us to deliver our forecasts to where they are needed - in your warehouse and supply systems - avoiding menial and error-prone human interaction.

      The Benefits for Your Wholesale Business

      • Save Time

        No spreadsheets, minimum data preparation, fully automated process.

      • In depth and clear picture of menu engineering

        Clear visualization of the product categorization, depending on their sales volume and profit generation.

      • Custom business insights

        Actionable insights delivering basis for efficient decisions boosting a restaurant` profit up to 15%.

      • Increased ROI

        By adjusting menu, a restaurant manager will be able to extract maximum revenue from existing customer base and to open a room for new profit boosting products.

      • Great pricing

        The ingenious algorithms and innovative approach of solving analytical tasks allow A4E to offer you the best prices in the field of data analytics solutions. Analytics for Everyone means the most affordable analytics solutions for everyone.

      How to Start It in 3 Easy Steps


      Export your historical data in .csv file with following 6 columns: Product ID/Name, Category ID/Name, Date of sale, Volume of sale, Price, Cost


      Upload your CSV file at the app right here »

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      You'll receive an email with a link that will lead you to your portfolio optimization app.

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      Why rely on data analytics for your menu engineering?

      Fact-based approach

      When running small or medium business you are busy with daily tasks that often prevent managers from seeing the big picture. This is crucial when you plan to optimize your menu in order to achieve better profitability and higher ROI.

      Via dynamic graphics, A4Everyone is displaying not just the current status quo of the menu offerings but how it changed from the performance point of view.

      Actionable insights

      Extracting such facts from your historic sales data and combining them with actionable insights are crucial for a successful optimization and this is what A4Everyone`s app does. Boston matrix is able to extend profits between up to 15%.

      So What Are You Waiting For?

      Why A4Everyone

      At A4Everyone we believe that adding value to your data may be the breaking change that will boost your business. We are intricately familiar to the science of analytics and over years of experience we've realized that providing affordable, easy to understand and use analytical solutions, is one of the keys to improving any business efficiency. We made it so simple that harnessing computing resources is just few clicks away.