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BCG matrix for ultimate clients’ evaluation

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is an analytical tool based on BCG matrix, known as Boston matrix. It puts all your business clients on the comparative scale and measures them based on volumes of trade they make with your business and the profit you get out of it. It is a perfect fit for sales, account and retention managers especially in wholesale businesses, as it empowers them with knowledge how and where to focus their efforts to optimize their company’s sales.

What is client portfolio optimization?

Client portfolio optimization is a process dedicated to evaluation of the importance of a particular client to the vendor of products or services. By tracking the consumption dynamics of a client, any sales manager will easily track its contribution to the overall sales as well as its importance within the entire clients’ portfolio. This way, an optimization process of a clients` portfolio will be more efficient by relying on in depth data-driven insights. Volume and special discounts, promotional conditions, etc. will be determined and applied with increased efficiency.

Why you need it?

It is not an easy task because it is not just about the overall quantities of ordered stock or services but also the consumption dynamics. On top of this, any sales manager should have access to an easy evaluation process where a particular client is ranked by the rest of the batch. You will get analytical insights on how your clients are performing and a clear view on which of them form the backbone of the business and which ones are with minimal significance.

Clients` optimization with Boston Matrix

Any wholesale business keeping long-term relationship with its clients faces the crucial challenge to evaluate their performance. The Boston Matrix is a perfect fit for such business task but it requires preparation and processing time. a4ClientsOptimization is eliminating those burdens adding insightful data visualization, highlighting the clients with potential or the lack of it.

How it works?

A4ClientsOptimization is powered by BCG matrix, also popular as Boston matrix. It is fueled by historical sales data enriched with the company profits and volumes generated by every client. The tool extracts and processes the data uploaded in a .csv format. A4E`s implementation is evaluating the importance of any particular client in term of both profitability and overall volume ranked with the rest of the client base.

Client to client comparison

Based on the sales volume and the profit generated by every client, they might be placed in four categories:

  • Stars – ordering often and generating high profit margin
  • Horses – ordering often and generating low profit margin
  • Puzzles – rarely ordering and generating high profit margin
  • Dogs – rarely ordering and generating low profit margin

    • Having this information available and visualized in an optimal way, this categorization provides grounds for decision making on a clients` optimization strategy.

      Fast, simple and valuable results

      A4E`s solution allocates every client in the abovementioned categories. The process is fast, simple and requires no user action other than providing the initial data in proper format.

      Evolution of clients` portfolio

      Track the dynamics of a client performance in terms of profit and sales generation over extended periods of time. This might be affected by different factor, such as pricing dynamics, seasonal factors, marketing activities, macroeconomics trends, product/service life-cycle, etc. a4ClientsOptimization allows its users to track a client performance back in time in a comprehensive way.

      Actionable decisions that boost restaurants earnings

      Knowing early forming client trends makes any sales manager to do their best in terms of boosting clients` loyalty and satisfaction, specific engagement activities as well as tailor-made offerings and discounts. a4ClientsOptimization is clearly pointing the clients which should get a special treatment.

      API Access

      At A4E we believe that software should work for you, not the opposite. Therefore, our API allows seamless integration with your ERP/POS/CRM systems and BI solutions. This allows us to deliver our forecasts to where they are needed - in your warehouse and supply systems - avoiding menial and error-prone human interaction.

      The Benefits for Your Wholesale Business

      • Save Time

        No spreadsheets, minimum data preparation, fully automated process.

      • Clear view of a clients profit contribution

        Clear visualization of the client performance, depending on sales volumes and profit generation.

      • Custom business insights

        Actionable insights delivering basis for efficient clients` portfolio management.

      • Increased ROI

        By optimizing clients relations, a business manager will be able to extract the maximum profits from the existing customer base and to identify the patterns and dynamics of a profit boosting clients.

      • Great pricing

        The ingenious algorithms and innovative approach of solving analytical tasks allow A4E to offer you the best prices in the field of data analytics solutions. Analytics for Everyone means the most affordable analytics solutions for everyone.

      How to Use It in 3 Easy Steps


      Export your historical data in .csv file with following 6 columns: Unique Client ID, Client Category ID/Name, Sales Date, Sales Volume, Price, Cost


      Upload your CSV file at the app right here »

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      You'll receive an email with your sales report

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      Why rely on data analytics for your menu engineering?

      Fact-based approach

      When running small or medium business you are busy with daily tasks that often prevent managers from seeing the big picture. This is crucial when you plan to optimize your menu in order to achieve better profitability and higher ROI.

      Via dynamic graphics, A4Everyone is displaying not just the current status quo of the menu offerings but how it changed from the performance point of view.

      Actionable insights

      Extracting such facts from your historic sales data and combining them with actionable insights are crucial for a successful optimization and this is what A4Everyone`s app does. Boston matrix is able to extend profits between up to 15%.

      So What Are You Waiting For?

      Why A4Everyone

      At A4Everyone we believe that adding value to your data may be the breaking change that will boost your business. We are intricately familiar to the science of analytics and over years of experience we've realized that providing affordable, easy to understand and use analytical solutions, is one of the keys to improving any business efficiency. We made it so simple that harnessing computing resources is just few clicks away.