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Quick Facts

Company: Credissimo

Industry: Short-term and installment loans

Size: 1 000 000+ loan applications

Revenue: €37.5M (2017)

Use Case

Credissimo rely on A4E’s AI powered credit scoring as a service solution to assess the creditworthiness of its loan applicants as well as to automate the approval process.


Number of applications processed without human intervention: up to 80% (Q1 2019)

Credit inspectors staff: - 50%

Established in 2007, Credissimo is a fintech company that offers unsecured short-term and installment loans for amounts between €100 and €1500 in Poland, Bulgaria, and Macedonia and is planning new markets entrance.

Due to fast-growing competition and the need for efficiency improvement within its business processes, the company defined following areas of improvement:

1. Increase the approval rate.

2. Reduce the human factor when deciding to grant a loan.

Solving these issues will increase the company`s customer base and make it more efficient on an operational basis.

“Based on our experience so far, we strongly recommend A4E Ltd., their analytical services and proficiency. For us, the company stands out as synonym for high-level professional standards, quality performance and tailor-made approach to the customer. The analytical capacity of A4E Ltd. is delivering an adequate, professional and truly skillful solution for any business problem in their field of expertise.“

George Karpuzov | COO Credissimo