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Quick Facts

Company: Nedelya

Industry: Pastry and cakes retail and production

Size: 30 + retail locations

Revenue: € 9M (2016)

Use Case

Nedelya rely on A4E’s sales forecasting solutions to support its day-to-day production planning


Waste: decreased from 7% to 2%

Nedelya produces and sells cakes and pastries baked without preservatives, hence their production has a limited shelf life – up to 3 days.

Founded in 1993, Nedelya established a reputable brand for high-quality handmade cakes. The company has more than 30 retail locations and is currently expanding abroad. Nedelya relies on store managers to determine the future sales and to master the ordering process by having in mind the existing stock and the potential cake sales, which might be of whole cakes or slices served at the retail location.

Due to its rapid expansion, Nedelya experience shortage of experienced managers capable of creating accurate planning and sales forecasting. The company reached A4E with following issues:

1. Nedelya wanted to know how many cakes and pastries will sell in the future.

2. Nedelya needed to open new locations fast and easy.

The retail managers need to know how much they are going to sell on the next day and the day after in order to a) reduce the wastage to a minimum while b) not being undersupplied.

“A4E helped us to turn the raw data sets into valuable information, which gave us the foundation for right business decisions. We would highly recommend their services to any business in need to master the art of the numbers“

Zdravko Mintchev | CEO Nedelya