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Extracting valuable insights out of existing data.


Quick Facts

Company: Rocando LTD

Industry: Bathrooms equipment wholesale and retail

Use Case

Rocando rely on A4E’s team to get data-driven understanding of marketing activities both off and online.


Enabling managers to make data-driven business solutions

Rocando Ltd. is the first distributor in Bulgaria of the brands and products produced by Roca, a multinational company focused on bathroom equipment.

Rocando Ltd. relies on A4E’s team to get a data-driven understanding of marketing activities both off and online, insights on behavioral models and clients purchase intents in order to build better performing e-commerce presence.

The collected data during the examination period, enriched with proven e-commerce practices were used for the creation of a major website redesign in order to achieve better converting online presence while the system backbone remains unchanged. On top of this, A4E created a series of data training focused on a deep understanding of the modern e-commerce and its impact factors.

As a result, the Rocando Ltd. team get access to analytical solutions utilizing historical sets of data, enabling business that is more successful in terms of planning and management, as well as processes optimizations. The joint project included also performance-marketing campaigns focused on different product groups. The campaign aimed to generate more customer’s data and examination of particular patterns. Different messages and designs were tested. The most successful among them were outlined in order to extract the sales-driving call-2-actions. This way we paved the way for fast and easy iteration of more successful performance marketing campaigns.

Last but not least, the Rocando Ltd. staff was trained on how to classify foot traffic into retail stores driven from online campaigns in order to evaluate the multichannel marketing impact.

“The performance of our e-commerce division was significantly boosted by the analytical insights delivered by A4E`s team. They identified precisely the channels delivering the most valuable online and offline visitors and gave us data driven tips and hints on how to convert them into actual clients. We`ll recommend their services to any online store looking for efficiency boost and meticulous planning.”

Dilyana Mileva | Rocando LTD