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A4Insurance is underwriters' work automation tool instantly assessing the profitability potential of an insurance contract.


Take advantage of InsurTech at its best by automating the underwriters' work making them faster and more efficient. A4Insurance is assessing the profitability potential of a particular insurance policy within seconds. This way, insurance companies get access to a tool enabling offer optimization increasing the likeliness of a contract to be profitable as well as shortening the sales cycle. A4Insurance is not just assessing the risk but also is predicting the potential claim amount.

With A4Insurance, companies get access to the following features:

  • Cloud-based, SaaS platform tailored specifically to the needs of the insurance industry
  • Predictive analytics solution automating underwriters' tedious work
  • Permanent analytical model update aggregating the most recent data
  • ERP integration
  • Risk assessment backed with the factors that led to a specific result
  • Analytical model handling multiple variables
  • Real-time output