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A4Lending is scoring as a service helping consumer finance businesses to automatically evaluate the credit worthiness of their potential clients.


Instantaneous scoring of individuals when they apply for a credit. A4Lending is a fully or partially automated decision-making service, depending on customer`s preferences, which is done by incorporating desired risk strategy. In addition to individual’s score, the service provides the top reasons contributing to a particular score. This gives the credit inspectors improved ability to monitor and/or decide if an application should be accepted or rejected.

It is free, after all! See for yourself how our credit scoring as service will work for your lending business.

With a4Lending, you`ll be able to:

  • Focus on lending, leave scoring up to us
  • Utilize multiple score cards
  • To get a score in less than 5 seconds
  • Receive a reason behind particular score
  • Pick a risk prefference