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    A4Everyone Settlement

    A4Everyone announced the start of operations

    Dear friends,

    It all began back in 2000, when I graduated in Mathematical Modeling and had my first project in the data mining domain.

    At that time the idea was born, that everyone can use data analysis, and I started thinking and talking about that.

    A lot of time passed since then and along my road I met what I think is the most precious: people who think alike. People who shared my vision, who have the skills and just like me have the spark and drive to achieve together, turning our backs on the cozy corporative business.

    In the last months we worked hard and managed to win our first investors who stood behind our idea and supported us. At the dawn of this year our dreams started happening.

    It is with immense pleasure that I present to you the birth of our site and our first services, targeted for the small and medium business.

    Warm regards,
    Hristo Hadjitchonev
    CEO and Co-founder

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