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    Free demo forecasts apps

    A4Everyone announce the launch of free public versions for its first four analytics tools

    Bulgarian startup company is developing software that will give direct access to the advantages of data analytics to small and medium-sized businesses worldwide. Analytics for everyone (A4Everyone) is one of few analytical businesses targeting this particular market segment.

    A4Everyone is starting its operations with 4 tools specialized for cafeterias and coffee shops (a4CoffeeShops), retail stores (a4Retail), furniture stores (a4Furniture), as well as distributors and wholesalers (a4Wholesaler). All four software solutions are able to predict sales for future periods of time, up to 3 months ahead. The sales projections are based on historical sales data.

    The company is ready with free demo version of its software tools and currently is implementing new features to its solutions. However, users might take advantage of the free 7-day demo to 3 months forecasts which are limited up to 50 product items. Users of the free demo have to upload a simple CSV file with historical sales data into the preferred tool at The startup company announce that their sales projections achieve maximum accuracy when the source data is covering at least 2 years back, but reliable forecast might be derived from a single year data.

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