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    A4E will be part of Datathon Bulgaria

    Our chief scientist Alexander Efremov PhD is among the mentors

    А4Е, data analytics startup providing opportunities to data scientists from all over the world to monetize their developments will join the first practical data challenge in Central & Eastern Europe – Datathon Bulgaria. It is scheduled for 24 – 26.03.2017 and will be held at Sofia Software University facilities. The event is organized by Data Science Society.

    Our chief scientist Alexander Efremov PhD will be among the mentors and will provide participants with valuable advice on the data cases. His skills on data-driven modeling, credit scoring, propensity modeling, estimation theory, and strategy optimization will be available to all Datathon Bulgaria teams.

    A4E is also joining the Datathon Bulgaria with real-life data analytics task coming out of the retail industry. The goal of the A4E case is to design & develop an application able to suggest appropriate promotion offers (the solution consists of modelling and optimization phases). The teams will be evaluated in terms of originality and potential for further development.

    Most promising Datathon Bulgaria developments will be praised with A4E partnership opportunities and access to our data analytics marketplace, where they may find clients for this and other solutions.

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