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    Data Analytics for $50 per month is now possible

    Bulgarian bisiness now uderstands the importance of data, said Aleksandar Efremov – co-fouder of А4Е

    Alesandar Efremov, co-founder and chief scientist of A4E was a guest at the tech show UpDate on Bloomberg TV Bulgaria, where he talked about the appliances of Big Data in business and everyday life. He also commented about he ethics in using Big Data.

    Efremov noted that Retail is just one of the many sectors that can benefit from the data they have. „Every company thay has a POS register collects at least history of all its sales. This data empowerd by analytics can forecast the customer demand. This is a way to optimize orders, stock and decisions of the company“, Efremov said.

    Depending on the solution, analytics service can cost as little as $50 a month and it will pay-off for days, reducing waste and lost profits, explains Aleksandar.

    He also said, that many bulgarian businesses are noticing the opportunity and start look for this kind of service, but there are also others that just realize that their problems could be solved using the data. Efremov also said, that SMEs not only in Bulgaria, but worldwide, stil does not have access to analytic services, targeted to their needs and that is the main goal of A4E.

    The whole interview in UpDate on Bloomberg TV Bulgaria

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