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    Boston Matrix for Small and Medium Business

    New applications developed by A4E increase the efficiency of wide range of businesses – from restaurants to wholesalers

    A new series of Boston Matrix-based analytical apps, targeted at small and medium businesses are the latest additions to the marketplace of A4E - an analytical startup that connects consumers and analytics solutions providers.

    a4MenuEngineering, a4ProductPortfolio and a4ClientOptimization rely on principles of the matrix created by the Boston Consultative Group, also known as the Boston Matrix or Growth Matrix. The new apps are a powerful tool for enhancing business results thanks to clear information about the performance of each product or customer, both in terms of total sales and profit generation. They visualize the data in a way that makes them a basis for informed decision-making in the field of advertising campaigns, replacement / exclusion of products or customers, pricing policy, product positioning, etc. If applied properly, the result is increased profits, brand and products popularity.

    The Boston Matrix is ​​a time-proven approach to the strategic planning and to the management of product groups or customers. The new apps developed by A4E accelerate and facilitate its work by offering automated import and data processing, a clear visualization that helps locate the products in the matrix, and track their paths in the past.

    Designed for the needs of businesses managing product or customer portfolios, the new tools offer the opportunity to identify their importance and potential, based on criteria such as sales, popularity, and contribution to profit. Such ranking provides a sound basis for informed decision making with great potential for increasing market presence and providing competitive advantage.

    A4MenuEngineering, a4ProductPortfolio, and a4ClientOptimization are complementary to the A4E's strategy, which aims to offer affordable, small and medium-sized business analytics solutions to provide a foundation for business growth. They rank among existing sales forecasting applications in the retail, restaurant, café, confectionery, furniture and distribution sectors.

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