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    A4E presented analytical business cases at Microsoft Commercial Day

    How to improve significantly crucial KPIs via data & predictive analytics

    Real use cases of A4E`s analytical solutions increased the efficiency of various business processes were presented by Hristo Hadjitchonev, CEO and co-founder of the analytical start-up A4E within the Microsoft Commercial Day 2017.

    The event is Microsoft's biggest and most exciting local initiative, aimed at business leaders and technology influencers. A4E was invited to share its experience in data & predictive analytics with a presentation "How Data Helps in Decision Making ".

    Hristo Hadjiconev, CEO and co-founder of the analytical company focused the audience's attention on two real business cases - the waste reduction in a chain of pastry and cake stores, where the analytical solution achieved 71% waste drop, as well as the increase in the efficiency of a sampling campaign conducted by The Coca Cola Company. The target reach KPI was boosted by over 20% compared with previous runs of the same campaign.

    While the presentation was last in a row, and its duration beyond the scheduled time, the audience unanimously requested that it should not be shortened, as well as extra time for a Q & A session.

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