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Credit scoring as a service by A4E

Minimal upfront costs and multiple scorecards support are among the key features for a4Lending

А4Е, an analytical startup company launched its newest offering – credit scoring-as-a-service. The solution is developed to help lending businesses as telco operators, microcredit institutions and leasing companies to evaluate the credit worthiness of their customers. In order to meet their business needs, a4Lending has key features like multiple scorеcards support, minimal upfront costs, different credit risk strategies and last but not least, it helps credit inspectors by delivering actual reasons for a particular score. All this is happening in less than 5 seconds!

The most important feature of a4Lending is its ability to automate lending decisions enabling companies to face large amount of operational work. On top of this, A4E`s credit scoring-as-a-service is saving the significant development costs for in-house or outsourced scoring solution while keeping space for tailor-made tunings and customizations.

The analytical solution is able to release credit score without historical data and will perform better when such data is accumulated. Offering update period as short as 2 weeks, a4Lending` scorеcard will be always up to date. AI powered algorithm will make a business much more flexible and adaptive to new market conditions as well as accelerating new markets penetration.

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