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    A4E @ Financial Data Talk & Beer

    How nonbank financial institutions can benefit out of predictive analytics powered by AI and fed with big data?

    This was the question answered by A4E CEO & co-founder Hristo Hadjitchonev during the Data Talk & Beer event, which focused the financial business needs.

    Financial experts and professionals get together at Sofia Tech Park Innovation Center for the Financial Data Talk & Beer, organized by A4E in partnership with Microsoft Bulgaria. The brief talk not just emphasized the importance of data within the bank and nonbank financial sectors but also delivered few useful hints boosting business operations efficiency.

    Mr. Hadjitchonev highlighted 5 ROI increasing approaches for nonbank financial institutions like consumer fast/online credits providers. He focused the financial experts` attention to the importance of the credit scoring models emphasizing the fact that in this industry they tend to degrade after 90 days because of the environment. He also gave a hint on how such business can work efficiently when there is no historic data available, like when an online credit provider enter on a new market for instance. Additionally, the benefits of credit scoring as-a-service were emphasized since it is a cost reducing solution while maintaining the flexibility of a dedicated analytics team.

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