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  • 30 September
  • 11:30 am

A4RetailStores Named Among the Best Sales Forecasting Software

The solution was highlighted by among the best for retailers that want to drive growth and improve performance

A4RetailStores was named among the best sales forecasting software solutions by, a leading independent review website for online tools, products, and services. The top solutions were evaluated based on three core features, including reporting capabilities and integrations.

A4Everyone and other top software companies offer key functions, such as performance metrics, sales trend analysis, and competitor analysis. Experts at examined solutions that support integrations with accounting tools, ERP systems, and other business platforms. Reporting is also an essential feature to help improve performance and track trends.

About A4RetailStores’s research team conducted an assessment of over 145 companies from across the web. To access the complete list of best sales forecasting software, please visit this page.

Powered by big data and AI, A4RetailStores® by A4E is a solution tailor-made for retailers and fine-tuned to achieve the optimal balance between SKUs availability while preventing overstock. It is based on proprietary predictive analytics algorithms, capable of account specifics like shelf time, available stock, existing business rules, and other factors while handling unlimited SKUs and retail locations. The tool is fine-tunable to meet specific needs of retail businesses KPIs like but not limited to stock availability and waste. A4RetailStores® is AI-powered SaaS designed to self-adapt daily using the latest available information and to “forget” information that is no longer relevant. A4RetailStores® by A4E exceeds 95% accuracy in sales forecasting, manages the stock availability more than 98%, and keeps waste below 3%. For more information, please visit the page of A4RetailStores.

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